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One Breath at a Time - Gwen Masters There's a couple of really in-depth reviews on this book (Jill S and Beth W) here on Facebook so I'm going to cheat a bit a copy and paste my comment on Beth's review here. I'll also add that this was almost a 5 star review but the heroine's incapability to let go of her yearning for her ex just went on for too long and almost ruined the book for me.

Objectively I understand that emotions aren't logical and the portrayal of that (her getting physically ill at times remembering the emotional devastation of that previous relationship, etc) was consistent and well-done throughout the story. And yet, I ran out of patience with her long before she had her final epiphany at how close she'd come to losing Tom and how much she was hurting him.

I'm a bit apathetic towards the heroine--dislike her in some ways and have a curious admiration for her in other smaller ways. As for the hero, the story is in the heroine's pov, so while I thought the hero's characterization was fairly well-done there's still a fuzzy sense of not knowing him quite as well as I would have liked.

Still, I'd recommend this story. And here, after all my rambling, is the comment i made on the other review:

I just finished this one. I agree with your review on most points except I didn't find Tom all that over the top possessive or a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. It almost seemed standard romance Alpha hero behaviour, except… in many ways he seemed to be a weird mixture of mostly Beta hero with moments of Super Rough-Sex/Bondage Man. :-P I'd say Kelley’s constant need/push for the extreme/painful with almost no filters/checks was more problemic for me.

Not that I'd want a Tom in real life. O.o

Also, while I agree with Jill that the last chapter /epilogue was in keeping with the general increasing level of kink experimentation of their love/sex life (I kinda had the impression that they were working towards fulfilling all the more extreme fantasies they'd revealed to each other earlier in the beginning of the relationship), I also take your (Beth's) point that it felt like some of the uniqueness/intensity of their love-life had taken a turn into a romantica standard scenario.