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The Pregnancy Shock (Modern Romance) - Lynne Graham I knew there was a connected book to this, but I thought it was part of the usual themed series thing. This book is actually part one of the story, and it ends sort of on a cliff-hanger (well, not an edge-of-your-seat type cliffhanger, just a soft-landing, end of Act One type).

It felt LG was writing a more fully fleshed out book even though the majority of the story was pretty much a flashback and I wondered about the structure chosen until I realized the Part 1/Part 2 thing.

The characters personalities and their interactions was really enjoyable. But the secret baby aspect did not work for me. The heroine presented her reasons for not telling, and yet, it felt like she needed to speak up, damn the condeequences, especially with the wedding night rolling up on her ass like a frieght train.

Hopefully the paternity thing isn't dragged out in book 2 because the hero has been shown as a pretty decisive guy, so a simple paternity test (express) just put that issue to rest right quick. Looking forward to book 2/second half of the story. Interesting experiment with Harl Presents format. I like it.