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The Twelve Nights of Christmas (Harlequin Presents Extra) - Sarah Morgan I really enjoyed this book. The tone of it was fresh and mondern. So much so, for the first part of it, it could have passed for a Carrie-centric/Carrie-only episode of SITC. I also love the way the usual trite tropes where used/presented. Not that anything was turned on its head, just that, again, if felt like it was dealt with in a more contemporary manner.

There were a few nitpicks so, after a great start, there was a section there when there was a bit of bickering about things you thought had been hashed out/decided. It made things feel a twee bit repitious and dragged the pace a tiny bit and made me a little impatient with the heroine. Also, given the short time the story span, I wasn't buying they were in love. Care for each other/developing serious feelings for each other 'in love'? Sure. Lifetime commitment 'in love'? Nope. But that's a general problem for all romances that take place over short period when the H/h don't have a history. Like I said, nitpicks that didn't really impact my overall enjoyment. I closed the book with a big a smile. I will absolutely be checking out this author's backlist.