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Comfort Object - Annabel Joseph Where to start.... I just finished this one, and I feel emotionally wrung out. It's different and non-pc and I'm not sure how to untangle what I'm feeling about it.

I'll start with pin-pointing the quibbles-- I've never cared for the derogatory name calling you come across in some BDSM books and this one has a fair amount of that. The story is told in alternating 1st POV of the hero/heroine. I loved being in the hero's head, yet, he, she, and just about all the other characters sounded the same. There wasn't enough of a distinction in speech pattern/word choice etc to differentiate the characters. Also, the villain felt a bit like a plot device, in that I knew what would come after that confrontation, but I think that could have come about regardless without the "bad guy".

Now for the interesting stuff: The hero is a bit of a prick (lol), but he acknowledges it. And the 'S' in BDSM does not only stand for 'submission' (hers) but also 'sadist' (him); again the hero/heroine acknowledge very plainly that this is what he is, or has an inclination towards. It's nothing over the top (ie torture) but it's there.

I think the characters were compelling and the growth/navigation of their relationship and feelings--the boundaries they pushed-- was (emotionally and physically) just painful at times to read about.

While I'm happy these two have their HEA, a caution to those looking for erotic romance: there is a romance here, but this is unabashedly *Erotica* first and foremost.

I wouldn’t hesitate to try another of this author's books. Recommended.