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Cajun Hot - Nikita Black This story has a reputation of being very hot with a very appealing hero, and deservedly so. But I found myself wishing there was more depth to the characters/plot/conflict.

Because of this lack, I didn’t care much what happened –in or out of the bed with these two—and found myself a little less accepting of some of the more outrageous plot developments (and what felt like inconsistencies re the heroine’s personality) as the story progressed.

There was A Lot of introspection. A. Lot. Given the limited word count and plot set up, I guess that was the way to go to fill in backstory, motivation and character moments of self-discovery. It’s expedient shorthand. But it lacks the veracity/impact of an emotionally hard-hitting written out scene.

Ultimately, in the end, I just didn’t believe the H/h were in love despite what scenes or dialogue exchanges that were written as proof. So, very sexy hero, scorching hot/inventive love scenes, likeable heroine, but this only turned out to be a fairly enjoyable, mostly skim-read for me. Great light/fun/quick hot read if that's what you're looking for.