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His Penniless Beauty - Julia James The balance between introspection, flashbacks and the pacing/development of the current day romance didn't quite work for me. And all exclamations peppered throughout the story might have been for emotional emphasis, but they were ultimately distracting.

I haven't rated this one because I'm not sure what rate to assigned. There were several good elements--a nice twist at the end, and I did believe the characters had been in love previously and that they'd never felt that way about anyone else since.

Also big points for having both the H/h step up to the plate and take full responsibility for past wrongs (this one of the few times the Big Mis really worked in a story).

I read the entired book without skimming/skipping and was interested in how the relationship was resolved. But the issues I listed above in the very first paragraph greatly impacted on my overall enjoyment.